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aiza ny kabone?

amber's in madagascar for 27 months

I have mentioned this before, but, I do many things in this country that are really strange and sometimes I don’t even realize it.  I know you are thinking, well Amber, you were already pretty strange.  Well this is taking it to the next level (I think):

Conversation between myself and another volunteer who happened to be passing through. We went to get coffee.

Me: So what did you do this week?

Her: Oh man! I went to a fety (celebration or party) and got kind of drunk and killed a chicken all the way through.  I mean I sliced the neck, plucked it, gutted it, gave out the entrails to the kids, butchered it and then cooked it.

Me:  That is pretty awesome, I have a hard time with the neck cutting, actual slaughter part.  The gutting and cleaning is easy enough.

Savanna:  Yeah, but I think it will go better next time that I do it.

Me:  Why?  You will have a sharper knife? (Note to readers: knives in this country are not awesome)

Her:  No, I won’t be drunk next time.  My knife was plenty sharp, it was like a really jagged sharp butter knife.

Me: Oh yeah man no problem there.  (No sarcasm was used)

I don’t know if this conversation is PETA friendly or if it even makes sense.  However immediately after the story we both looked at each other and asked each other what had happened to us?!

Other strange things in my life this week:  my French tutor speaks English, French and Malagasy, all well.  She is Malagasy, has studied in France and lived somewhere in Europe for a year where the common language with her coworkers was English but it was not the UK.  We never use English in the classroom. I will admit we do sometimes use it.  The weird part I think is when I ask her questions, but in Malagasy.  I ask her how to translate from Malagasy instead of from English.  Savanna (the girl I study with) and I are not doing this on purpose, we are just confused by English now.

The last strange thing was today when the guy I work in the office with, Nirina, sang along in the car to the guitar only version of Jimi Hendrix playing Little Wing.  Legit.  (Also, he is already pretty into heavy metal but also Clapton, knows Layla, like the Stones, loves him some Jimi, but I am also getting him into all things Jack White, OCMS, The Black Keys, St Vincent, Bon Iver and other realllllly random songs and artists.  He also really likes Simon and Garfunkel.  We are a good match for coworkers)


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